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About us


Since 2001, when in Italy the first Vox company was born, we have been successfully working on introducing new quality to the Touristic Market. By revolutionizing technologies and approach to communication methods, we have brought new, exclusive meaning to cultural tourism and exploiting cultural heritage.

Despite relatively young age of our Vox companies, we already boast a number of patents and registered trademarks, a catalogue of unique products, prestigious partnerships, international recognition and distribution, and a high - profile client portfolio made up of companies, public and religious bodies, international organizations, multinationals and foundations.

The Vox system reveals to be an indispensable support for the organized touristic groups and facilitates the work of the guides, that use it with enthusiasm during the city, museum and monument tours.

The VOX system

The Vox Tour guide system changes the way of working and makes the tour very pleasant - all the visitors have the possibility to listen to the comment of their tour guide, also from a certain distance, in full comfort. Apart from being exclusive, the guided tour becomes also more interesting. The tourist has an individual receiver, adjustable for a perfect listening, and the tour guide, or who accompanies, can explain having the group behind him/her, without stopping, group the visitors and then start a new comment. With the Vox Tour guide system there are no more dead times, because the guide can explain while he/she is moving and the tourist does not get bored by waiting. The Vox system includes the rental and delivery service with assistance for the distribution of the radioguides®, Tour guide systems which are also of intuitive use.


VOX Polska

Every company associated with Vox Network applies it’s highest standards and all of the technological advantages to the local market.

Vox Polska, the youngest member of Vox family, supported by all of the knowledge, years of experience and technology of Vox Network, has been brought into being, to follow those standards and bring them to PolandVox Polska’s homeland.

We are at your service.

Vox of Polska – Here we are.